Engelsk – Republicans and Democrats (Pro-Democratic)

Posted i kategorien Engelsk on the 08.02.2012
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What do the Republicans and the Democrats stand for?

Republicans stand for big monopolies and corporations and welfare to them, (they claim moral values but do nothing but talk about them–no action), vote fraud, big money interests, war profiteering, huge military spending and budgets (but cuts to vets programs), government waste (like losing over a trillion defense dollars, tax cuts to the rich, support for business over citizens rights in lawsuits, lack of concern to the least among us, big wasteful spending deficits, joblessness and outsourcing, management over workers, corporate media monopolies, predatory lending, credit card companies over people, torture.

The democrats stand for small businesses, civil rights, peace and justice, tolerance, helping the poor, universal health care, a living wage, balancing the budget, the environment, unions and laborers over management, campaign reform, public funding of elections, public schools and television, peace (unless war is absolutely necessary), social security, organic farming and non-genetic modified foods, no logging or drilling on public lands and parks, bankruptcy protection, poverty, animal rights, voting rights, clean water, clean air, aid to foreign countries in need, peace treaties (not breaking them all like Dubya did), honoring the Geneva convention.