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The Victorian Age (1837-1901)

– For 63 yearsVictoria, at 18 years, remained Queen of Britain after 1837. (Until 1901)

-CrystalPalace,RoyalAlbertMuseum, theScienceMuseumand the Geological Museum

– The Queen proclaimed the Empress of India in 1877.India-the “brightest jewel”

– The V. Age – social improvement at home. Parliament taking care of the less rich society


World War 1 (1914-1918)

–         Britainentered August 1914 on the winning side

–          WW shatteredBritain-> about 750’000 soldiers died. Ships were sunk too

–          Economical needs


World War 2 (1939-1945)

–          3. sepBritaindeclared war againstGermany

–          British Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the peak

–         GermanydefeatedFranceleavingBritainalone

–          The war had cost 360’000 British live,Londonand other cities were totally bombed out

–          Economy again was shattered andBritainlost its international supremacy toUSAand SU. In 1945 they were the super-powers, andBritainwas not included


British Welfare

–          With the country’s economy still in shambles the plan of a welfare state came up

–          This “welfare state” became a model to other countries

–          Margaret Thatcher became PM in 1979

–          PM launched a policy of drastic cuts in public spending.(accused for ruining the W.S.)

–          The British welfare has not been as generous as it once was after the 1980’s regime


Loosing an Empire

–          After WW2 colonies in Africa andAsiagot out of control and independent

–          1947 – >India and Pakistan, independent within the Commonwealth

–          Colonies fell from 50s to 60s and in the en of 1960s the Empire was clearly gone

–          Hong Kong was also handed back toChinain 1997

–          In the 20th century only Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands remained, with a number of small islands andBritain’s holdings   inAntarctica

–          N. Ireland has belonged toBritainsince 1922 and still remains

–          British almost let the colonies go without any fights

–         CanadaandAustraliahave chosen to retain the British Queen as their head of state

–          1973, EU member, still have not given up the pound


Multicultural Britain

–         Britainalso needed extra labour to rebuild the country

–          In the 1950s immigrants arrived from the colonies and ex-colonies

–          Afro-Caribbeans already spoke English, and they were large in number

–          The immigrants settled down inLondonand other cities and did work British workers were not interested in

–           1960s and the early 1970s a large number came fromPakistan,India,BangladeshandSri Lanka

–          Their arrival was seen by scepticism because of religion and language

–          Immigrants fromAsiapicked up low-paying jobs

–          Immigration from theThird Worldhas been restricted now

–         Eastern Europeis still immigrating because of EU


Europe or the USA?

–          Since WW2 Britain is torn between Europe, USA and the Commonwealth

–          PM Tony Blair has followed Americans in several int. conflicts

–          After 9.11Britainhas supported the “War on Terror”

–          Troops has participated inAfghanistanand the war inIraq