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The novel Dracula is written by an Irish author named Bram Stoker. Dracula was first published in 1897. The book is about the mysterious vampire named Count Dracula of Transylvania in search of blood in London.

The novel is written in diary and letter form, which was a common form in Victorian times. This form is also found for example in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Jonathan Harker is sent by his law firm to Transylvania to assist their new client, Count Dracula, who wish to settle in England. The journey is long and dangerous, and he is constantly warned by unknown people the farther east he travels. On reaching, he soon count’s capture. Harker first discovers the Count’s fascination with blood, his superhuman physical strength, he does not need to eat, he lives alone in the castle with servants, that he has no reflection, that his sleep in coffins, that he can summon wolf packs at their disposal, and that everything in his castle is ancient, often several hundred years. These discoveries have Harker to realize that something is not right, and he realizes eventually that the Count is a supernatural being. He acknowledged that the count has evil intentions of moving to England.
Dracula is planning to move to England to get more minions. He wants to turn them into vampires. He does this by biting their victims in the neck. The victims are becoming vampires and receive eternal life, such as Dracula himself.
The book is written in diary and letter form of storytelling people, including attorney Jonathan Harker, the doctor, John Seward, Mina Harker (Jonathan Harkers wife), and physician and Professor Abraham Van Helsing. Dracula himself has no journal entries, but is described by the other person’s notes.

Diary entries, letters and articles describing Dracula’s ravages on his many trips to England, without some people know that he is going on (see the book’s diary and letter form in first person). A driving force in history is that Dracula bites Mina Harkers girlfriend Lucy Wersternra, so she eventually turned into a vampire. This transformation process is first expressed as a serious case of illness, and Seward is called in to help Lucy in her capacity as a doctor. He can not figure out what is wrong with Lucy on his own, so he sends for his old friend and mentor Van Helsing, a prominent Dutch physician. The reader is given the impression through the diary entries and letters that van Helsing knows more about Lucy’s disease cases than what he told Seward. Through Seward’s diary entries, the reader acquainted with the psychiatric patient Renfield. It comes out later that even this man is one of Dracula’s victims and his lackey.
During this time, Jonathan Harker returned from Transylvania, severely traumatized after a long captivity in Dracula. His wife Mina go up to see him, and since she is a friend of Lucy, she is also founder of Relationship with Seward and Van Helsing and their friends.
As said, however, Van Helsing Seward what he knows about vampires, and that they have to chop off the head of the now-dead Lucy and arm holes in her heart with a trestaur so that she dies on normal if and not a bloodthirsty vampire such as Dracula . Van Helsing says that if they kill count, then all his vampire works cease to exist. Together starts John Seward, Van Helsing, Mina and Jonathan Harker, Arthur Holmwood and Quincy the process of putting an end to Dracula’s evil and kill him once and for all.

Main Characters in the novel

Jonathan Harker – lawyer, sent to help Count Dracula in connection with the purchase of properties in England.
Count Dracula – the novel’s villain, bloodthirsty vampire with eternal life. He isn’t a vampire, he’s THE vampire. His powers can make him turn into a wolf, a bat, rats, and mist. He can also control the weather, particularly storms, he can walk down the side of walls, and he can command the vermin of the Earth. He has supernatural strength and can move so fast that mortal eyes can’t even see him. Unlike many vampires, he can easily walk around in daytime, although it weakens him.
Mina Murray – Jonathan Harkers girlfriend and later his wife, as Mina Harker.
Lucy Westernra – Mina and Jonathan’s girlfriend, turns later into a vampire.

John Seward – doctor, head of a psychiatric department and suitor of Lucy Westernra. Also known as Jack.
Abraham Van Helsing – a doctor and professor, friend and former teacher of Seward.

Arthur Holmwood – friend of John Seward, courting and later Lucy Westernras bride husband. Also referred to as Lord Godalming.
Quincy Morris – adventurer and professional military, friend of John Seward and Arthur Holmwood.
Renfield – patient at the psychiatric department and Seward Dracula’s lackey.

There are two special themes that recur in the Dracula, that many movies that are based on the novel focus on. And it’s eroticism and marriage. These are two issues one was particularly interested in the many English Victorian and romantic novels in the 1800s.

The novel is in many ways described as an erotic novel. Count Dracula flees just from Transylvania to England to to find a new home and more young girls as he can suck the life force out of and turn them to their lovers. Moreover, he has three other vampires to live in his castle and they’re just three young, beautiful women (one is blond, the other a brunette while the third is dark hair) as their lovers. The novel is full of erotic scenes, including a between Dracula and his victims. But Jonathan Harker, who subsequently married to Mina, will experience an erotic scene between the three female vampires (which is a typical man’s dream!).

For this reason, the novel also seen as a novel that takes up the marital security. Count Dracula has, like vampires in general, not a mirror image, mirrors or shiny objects. We see in him that is not human, in addition to being a Casanova and “playmaker” who are looking for sex. Van Helsing, as Dracula’s nemesis, is seen as the novel’s father figure and the “priest” who are fighting against people seeking frivolous relationships outside of marriage. By Van Helsing sticks a tree dagger into the heart and cut off the head of the love hungry vampire who mislead the beautiful Mina Harker, is to let the young and conventional lovers (Jonathan and Mina Harker) have a normal marriage and prevent more comes in the same situation.