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1. Direkte sitat Hvis du bruker en illustrasjon eller et sitat, skal du oppgi nøyaktig hvor i kildedokumentet de finnes (dvs. sidetall, i tillegg til forfatter og årstall) Eksempel på sitat: Du skriver i din egen tekst: «Å analysera vil seia å løysa opp heilskapen i ein tekst» sier Eiliv Vinje (1993, s. 29). I … Les mere

Samfunnsfaglig Engelsk – Dracula

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The novel Dracula is written by an Irish author named Bram Stoker. Dracula was first published in 1897. The book is about the mysterious vampire named Count Dracula of Transylvania in search of blood in London. The novel is written in diary and letter form, which was a common form in Victorian times. This form … Les mere

Engelsk – Marketing (words, definitions and phrases)

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Consumer: The final user of a product. Not necessarily the same person that buys the product. End of the distributing channel. Costumer: the person that buys the good or service from a business Sampling: When a small group of people is researched to draw conclusions about the population as a whole. Product life cycle: A … Les mere

Engelsk – Republicans and Democrats (Pro-Democratic)

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What do the Republicans and the Democrats stand for? Republicans stand for big monopolies and corporations and welfare to them, (they claim moral values but do nothing but talk about them–no action), vote fraud, big money interests, war profiteering, huge military spending and budgets (but cuts to vets programs), government waste (like losing over a … Les mere

Engelsk – Great Britain

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  The Victorian Age (1837-1901) – For 63 yearsVictoria, at 18 years, remained Queen of Britain after 1837. (Until 1901) -CrystalPalace,RoyalAlbertMuseum, theScienceMuseumand the Geological Museum – The Queen proclaimed the Empress of India in 1877.India-the “brightest jewel” – The V. Age – social improvement at home. Parliament taking care of the less rich society   … Les mere